The founder's story

Me with a face of surprise, disgust and pain at the same time
The first time I tried salmiakki
My name is Lluis Bueno, I'm from Spain, and I'm thrilled to share my personal journey and passion with you.

I used to be an avid consumer, constantly seeking the latest gadgets, movies, and immersing myself in the digital world. I was known to indulge in the frenzy of Black Friday, scoring deals and adding to my ever-growing collection.

However, everything changed when I made the life-altering decision to move to Finland in 2019 with my family.
In this amazing country, I experienced a profound shift in perspective. I witnessed first-hand the Finnish commitment to sustainability and mindful living. People here washed their garbage before recycling, biked through the snow-covered streets even in the harshest winters, and supported local businesses and second-hand stores.
Me and my wife at Turun Kirkkopuiston Terassi
Design Sundays at Turun Kirkkopuiston Terassi
But it wasn't until the global COVID-19 pandemic hit that I truly understood the repercussions of our hyper-consumeristic society. I saw local shops and beloved brands struggling to survive, while consumers continued to be driven by the frenzy of Black Friday, buying as if there were no tomorrow, ignoring the worldwide shortage of goods and resources.
It was a wake-up call for me.

I realized that I had to make a difference, not just for the sake of small businesses, but for our mental well-being and the health of our planet. And thus, Design For Finland™ was born.
Since that moment, I have not stopped supporting small businesses and participating in local events that support entrepreneurs who want to create impact.

Manifest: Redifining consumption

At Design For Finland, we are on a mission to transform the way we shop and consume.
We believe in the power of slow commerce and its ability to create a more sustainable and balanced world.
Our focus is on providing conscious consumers with easy access to products from small brands that align with a mindful way of living.

We encourage consumers to break away from the stress cycle that plagues our society. Instead of being driven by the urgency to buy, we advocate for conscious purchasing decisions. We promote fair pricing, quality products, and the empowerment of consumers to make informed choices.
It's about buying slow, without giving in to impulse purchases or the FOMO (fear of missing out) mentality that drives us during events like Black Friday.

By supporting local shops and embracing eco-friendly alternatives, we can alleviate the burden on small brands, reduce overproduction, and minimize our impact on the planet. Together, we can rewrite the narrative of consumption and foster a more mindful approach to shopping.

I invite you to join me on this transformative journey. Explore our website, discover products from small brands that share our values, and become part of a community that believes in making a positive impact. Let's redefine the way we shop, one conscious choice at a time.

Thank you for being here and for your support.
Design: taking products from being usable to delightful, and then beyond that - to meaningful
for: intended to belong to, or benefit from it
Finland: the most demanding country in terms of quality, design and sustainability
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